The area that most people head off to when arriving in Ottawa is the downtown Ottawa sector. This is because it’s where the hub of activity is and it is the region of many of the landmarks that are so important to this great city.

Here is where the financial district resides plus a good majority of the Ottawa businesses. Sometimes this area is fondly referred to as Centretown. What makes downtown Ottawa such an attraction for both residents and visitors alike is the Parliment buildings.

What you are going to find when you first visit here is what you are probably expecting. Many tall buildings and towers but not quite as over powering as some of the other cities that are home to sky rises.

There are a lot of prominent streets in this region of Ottawa which is understandable with it be such a hub of activity. Many find that with this being such a busy place that it’s not as hard to get around as what might be expected. This, of course, depends on the time of day, the specific area of downtown Ottawa that you are visiting, and if there any special events taking place.

Ideally for those that really want to navigate well around the city using the public transit system may be the ideal choice. It is affordable and the connections are really quite good and for the most part, offer a comfortable experience although at times the transit can be crowded and there may be delays.

Just because you are going to be in the bustling region of downtown Ottawa it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy some green space. There are some prominent parks to visit here and to enjoy such as…

  • Confederation Park
  • Bronson Park
  • Garden of the Provinces and Territories

Overall you should find our visit to downtown Ottawa to be a pleasant one.