Almost every city throughout Canada has some form of casino and in Ottawa, you will be able to enjoy the OLG slots or head over to Quebec to one of the larger casinos. Either way, no matter which of the Casinos in the area that you attend you will have a chance to play the penny slots.

If you have not played the slots before but have a basic idea about them, then you may be thinking about the classic slots that are comprised of one line and three reels. The penny slots are a video slot that is far different. They are made up of many lines and several reels. All of which you can place a penny bet on. Penny slots do not technically mean that you will be betting one penny per spin. It refers to the bet per line that you can place, and there is usually a minimum bet that can be placed which will depend on which of the penny slots you will be playing. For example, you may be playing a fifty line slot that the minimum bet you can place is fifty cents.

This often confuses new players to this type of slot game. Even so, it is still a very low bet that you can make and there are some advantages to playing this type of slot.

Many of these games have some additional perks to them. Some have bonuses where you can earn extra coins. Or you may be awarded some free spins. This means you get the chance to play without spending your own money. These free offerings could land you some extra money too, or perhaps even the jackpot. With some of these types of slots, you don’t have to be playing the maximum bet in order to have a chance to win a good payout.