If you are going to visit Ottawa and have never been there before, or you have but did not get the chance to see the Parliament buildings then you may be interested in the parliament tours. There are many great things about this with the first one being that it is free, at least in most cases.

These Ottawa Parliament tours are planned tours so there is a specific routine that will be followed by the tour guide. On occasion this will change depending on what may be taking place at the location. In some rare cases, the tour may be canceled altogether.

It is not uncommon for groups to want to participate in the Ottawa Parliament tours so if this is your plan and your group size is ten or more then you will need to book your tour for this event.

This is a really interesting tour and it helps to ensure that you don’t miss out on all the important highlights that are important on the parliament grounds. You will get to see the library within Parliament and some of the great exhibits that are here. For example, you will get to see some iconic documents that played a big role in Canada’s history.

If you are planning on taking the Ottawa Parliament tours on the weekend you will have this opportunity, however, do remember this can change or a tour can be canceled. You are only allowed to take one small bag with you into the buildings so make sure you don’t have any larger than this or else you will have to go to another location to store it.

The Ottawa Parliament tours include tours to the centre block and east block. There is even a boutique on the premises that will give you the chance to buy some gifts.